The analysis did not measure the Cozaar 50 mg BID dosage. The BeniVICTOR research, Benicar Efficacy: New InVestigation In the Evaluation of BP reductions beTween Olmesartan and losaRtan in sufferers with hypertension, fulfilled its major endpoint of mean differ from baseline in Seated Diastolic BLOOD CIRCULATION PRESSURE at eight weeks. At week 8, individuals treated with Benicar 40 mg attained reductions of 13.6 mm Hg Seated Systolic BLOOD CIRCULATION PRESSURE and 9.7 mm Hg SeDBP from a mean baseline blood circulation pressure of 158.2/101.1 mm Hg.That’s regarding to a fresh analysis of mortality rates over the 25-12 months period between 1974 to 2004 which found an excess 42,325 deaths in the two week period starting with Christmas. The deadliest days of the full year were Christmas, New Years Time and Boxing Time . Experts David Phillips, Gwendolyn Barker and Kimberly Brewer from the University of NORTH PARK discovered big spikes in people who were either lifeless on arrival or passed away in crisis settings. That held true for the very best five death classes . The increased chance of dying during the holidays is ‘somewhere between 3 and 9 %, with respect to the demographic group you’re looking at, and somewhere between 1 and ten %, depending on what cause of death you’re looking at,’ Phillips informed the National Post. The big query is excatly why and unfortunately experts don’t really have a good answer.