Anthrax Prevention An anthrax vaccine exists but isn’t readily available to the general public. It is administered to people who may be expected to come in contact with anthrax, such as for example laboratory workers and particular military personnel aphrodisiaque . It consists of a series of five immunizations provided over 18 months. A booster is annually then available to be given, especially to those people who have exposure to anthrax-containing animal or animals products.

Anthropologists explore cultural dynamics of mental wellness in native THE UNITED STATES: In September’s special issue of Ethos-the Journal of the Society for Psychological Anthropology-three investigators explore mental health discourses and practices in three varied Native UNITED STATES communities, illuminating how clinical and Western ideas of medicine and therapeutic could be reconsidered. The articles compare cultural distinctions between Navajo peyote rites and a prototypical Western psychotherapy session, examine the sources of ‘tension’ among Whapmagoostui Cree women, and illuminate the weaknesses of universalistic treatment programs–such as the Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Step Plan–in tackling substance abuse in Native North American communities. Scholarly commentaries by Audra Simpson and Joseph E.