This consists of cash obligations for employee-related costs, including costs for severance, agreement termination and other associated costs, and a non-cash charge for the impairment of assets and other property. Through the sale of AVRL to Antech Diagnostics, Abaxis will be able to increase its focus on its core item offerings and bolster its co-marketing romantic relationship with Antech Diagnostics. Representatives from Antech and Abaxis Diagnostics will work together, in conjunction with our distribution companions, to market a complete diagnostic alternative comprising Abaxis point-of-care diagnostic items and Antech Diagnostic's reference lab providers.In sports activities you are told to practice harder and longer and that means you shall be an excellent athlete. But when it involves weight lifting spending long hours in the gym doesn’t translate to better physical development and even more muscle mass. What seems just like a truism for many folks simply isn’t true when it comes to building more muscle mass, the key reason why so many fat lifters unnecessarily spend dozens of hours in the fitness center. ‘So will spending less time working out actually help me develop more strength and muscle mass?’ The answer yes is absolutely.