More than 4,000 questionnaires had been came back by the closing day, January 2004. There were 2,889 responses from individuals who had experience of medications for dementia. This includes people diagnosed with types of dementia other than Alzheimer’s disease. Of these, 2,672 experienced experience of Aricept, Exelon, Ebixa or Reminyl, with 1,761 people receiving one of the four drugs currently. Related StoriesEstrogen-like drug might not be beneficial to women with Alzheimer's dementiaSpecial orchestra boosts mood and confidence in sufferers with dementiaDementia specialists, PET imaging providers can now register to take part in Concepts StudyThis is a substantial body of consumer knowledge. The sample is much larger than that used in virtually any individual medical trial and approaches the full total meta-analysis sample size for a few of the drugs.The FDA still refuses to declare stevia as a safe ingredient for foods , but it’s legal as a supplements. You will get it here. Note: The links provided above head to Terry Pezzi’s web site. Important thing on the Amazon Herb CompanyYou won’t look for a nicer bunch of people, nor an improved lineup of products, compared to the folks in the Amazon Herb Company. EASILY wasn’t writing about the corporation, I would have joined as a distributor way back when. This company does everything right: Business ethics, sustainable business models, preserving the ecosystems and culture of indigenous tribes, helping improve the health of customers, helping distributors earn a living doing something they love.