Analysis of a pending health reform bill reveals that more 1,800 caregivers in Michigan may lose their jobs An American Health Care Association analysis of a pending U malegra fxt uk .S. House health reform costs, HR 3200, discovers seniors in Michigan requiring nursing and rehabilitative care will face funding cuts of $1.5 billion over the next a decade. This equals the 10th highest state cut across the country. These cuts are in addition to a recently-enacted Medicare regulatory change cutting Medicare-funded nursing house care by $12 billion through the same time period.

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An increase in a woman’s body mass outcomes in a decrease in her family income A rise in a woman’s body mass results in a reduction in her family income and a decline in her occupational prestige, according to analyze conducted by New York University sociologist Dalton Rebecca and Conley Glauber, an NYU graduate college student. The study was sponsored by the Cambridge, MA-based National Bureau of Economic Study. The study’s authors also discovered that a women’s body mass is normally associated with a reduction in a woman’s likelihood of marriage, her spouse’s occupational prestige, and her spouse’s revenue. In addition, the researchers discovered that the association between body mass and occupational outcomes was even more pronounced among younger ladies, suggesting that it is body mass that affects occupational prestige as opposed to the reverse.