Amylin, JDRF collaborate to research mixture therapy for type 1 diabetes treatment The Juvenile Diabetes Study Base and Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announced today they have entered into a research collaboration agreement to provide financial support for a series of clinical studies to research the feasibility of combining pramlintide, an analog of the human being hormone amylin, with insulin to take care of type 1 diabetes . SYMLIN and insulin are currently not approved to become mixed and should be administered as distinct injections.

National Women’s Law Middle, National Report Cards on Women’s Wellness, Maternal Mortality Rate Desk; available at The new Amnesty International survey, Deadly Delivery: The Maternal HEALTHCARE Crisis in america, also reveals that severe pregnancy-related complications that nearly cause death – – referred to as ‘near misses’ – – are increasing at an alarming price, increasing by twenty five % since 1998; currently nearly 34,000 women annually encounter a ‘near miss’ during delivery. With a lifetime threat of maternal deaths that’s greater than in 40 other countries, including all of the industrialized countries virtually, the United States has failed to reverse the two-decade upward tendency in preventable maternal deaths, despite pledges to do so.