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Wilson says she doesn’t understand the precise reason for the disparity, but has some ideas. It is possible that the increased risk of environmental hazards, inadequate assets and socioeconomic drawback in inner-city neighborhoods raise the perception of fall risk among resident elders, she says. Dr. Wilson needed more research to find at what age the fear of falling 1st develops and to learn why the phobia appears to strike minorities harder than majority populations. In the meantime, clinicians must be aware that concern with falling is common even in middle-aged individuals and that the linked activity limitations can have numerous adverse effects, including premature death, she says.. Among middle-aged African-Americans, there’s this huge concern with falling Fear of falling, once thought to be a senior problem mostly, is striking African-American middle-aged adults with negative consequences to their wellness, new Saint Louis University study finds.D., assistant professor of geriatrics at Saint Louis University School of Medicine and the main investigator who conducted the research.