‘There is currently ample evidence that these measurements have value; physicians need to formulate when and how to incorporate cerebrospinal fluid measurements to their practice.’ But the bigger question might be whether individuals would actually want to know these were destined to obtain a disease for which there is absolutely no effective treatment? That’s something scientists can’t predict. CBS Evening News Potential New Alzheimer’s Check A recently-published medical journal research indicates a new check exists for detecting memory space loss, which could potentially help diagnose early sta.. Alzheimer’s Test with 100 Percent Accuracy? There’s still zero effective way to treat Alzheimer’s disease, but doctors may have a trusted test to diagnose the devastating illness soon.As well as the serious mental anguish, nervousness symptoms often include significant physical soreness like rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, tummy problems, muscle tension and headaches. Many who suffer from anxiety panic attack symptoms hurry to the medical center because they are convinced they are having a heart attack. People with social anxiety disorder may literally eliminate their voices and have breathing difficulties if faced with a predicament where they have to do something as simple as introduce themselves to their coworkers. Anxiety information can go quite a distance toward helping sufferers and their households decide the very best approach to treatment.