Coli well before HUS manifests. Soliris, by comparison, is provided after HUS has recently developed and functions by neutralizing immune molecules that contribute to the irritation and blood clotting observed in the disease. It takes two Montreal-based Thallion currently has good safety data for its antibody combo from phase 1 research in adults and the first half of its stage 2 trial involving 22 kids and adolescents in South America.Because so many people might have gluten sensitivities but don’t have celiac disease, future research should investigate whether this larger population may also be at risk for coronary artery disease. Earlier studies have linked celiac disease with arrhythmias, which is certainly what prompted experts to conduct this research.. Celiac disease people may have near two-fold increased threat of coronary artery disease Study adds to mounting evidence about the role systemic inflammation may play in center health People with celiac disease might have a near two-fold increased threat of coronary artery disease compared with the general population, according to research to be presented in the American College of Cardiology's 63rd Annual Scientific Session.