Also in Global Wellness News: Asia-Pacific reproductive wellness; developing country medical waste disposal; draft costs in Uganda; diarrhea deaths in China China Calls For Asia-Pacific Countries TO SPOTLIGHT Reproductive Wellness China has called on Asia-Pacific countries to attach greater importance to population and family setting up and put more funds into the reproductive health insurance and family preparation programmes, the Daily Instances reviews . Senior Chinese legislator Chen Zhili Sunday at the Fifth Asia-Pacific Meeting on Reproductive Wellness said countries in your community should increase expenditure in reproductive health and increase cooperation on this issue, according to Xinhua .

Also in global wellness news: U.S. Global development policy; DDT in Uganda; potential drought, famine in Ethiopia New Presidential Directive Indicators More Coordinated METHOD OF Development Plan President Barack Obama has signed a Presidential Study Directive [PSD] authorizing a U.S. Government-wide review of global development plan, according to resources briefed on the review by the Light House, Foreign Policy’s blog, The Cable, reviews. The new PSD is important, regarding to people in advancement, because it indicators the intent to reach across government companies to think through a more coordinated and strategic approach to development policy, according to the blog .