Cardiologist measures risk elements associated with CR The cardiologist Aitor Jim-nez has managed to gather and characterise in detail 110 cases of cardiac rupture , after spending 22 years gathering data at the Hospital de Cruces, near Bilbao. It is among the broadest anatomical series described in this respect. CR is the most critical complication of severe myocardial infarction; it isn’t very common, however when it does occur, it really is mortal in every cases practically . So prevention, although challenging, seems more feasible than cure. Thanks to Jim-nez’s research, CR risk elements have already been detected to be able to partly predict this complication and carry out more exhaustive monitoring.

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Professor Martin proceeds, The Council of Ministers of the EU is usually to be congratulated on its vision of preventing heart disease, progress treatment and encourage analysis. The ESC is looking towards working further with the EU, with this national society partners together, to place into action these essential messages for citizens, doctors and researchers. Highlighting the importance of this operating partnership, Professor Martin says, The relationship between the ESC and the Irish Section of Health insurance and Children during the Irish Presidency of the EU may act as a model for various other medical societies in European countries to identify similar complications and advise governments accordingly.