Anti-seizure drug Epilim shows promise for Alzheimer’s A medication commonly used to take care of epilepsy could help clear the plaques in the mind associated with Alzheimer’s disease, according to researchers at the University of Leeds. The plaques are known to lead to the progressive death of nerve cells in the mind linked to many forms of dementia. Sodium valproate – which is certainly marketed as the anti-seizure drug Epilim – has been proven by scientists at the University of Leeds to reactivate your body’s own defences against a small protein called amyloid beta peptide, which is the main component of the brain plaques characteristic in Alzheimer’s . Their function was funded by the Medical Analysis Council.

These symptoms include adjustments in behaviour, agitation, depressed mood, suicidal ideation and suicidal behaviour. In November last year Although the warning is comparable to the one issued, it is more prominently displayed in order get the attention of doctors. Chantix offers been on the market in the U.S. Since August 2006 and has generated about $600 million in sales for Pfizer. Last November the FDA announced that it is investigating at least one incident of a patient who died while being treated with Chantix. Pfizer says there is absolutely no scientific proof linking Chantix to depression and a causal romantic relationship between Chantix and these reported symptoms has not been established.