Athletes on performance-enhancing chemicals face increase threat of drug and alcoholic beverages related problems College athletes who make use of performance-enhancing substances could be at heightened threat of misusing alcoholic beverages and using recreational medicines as well, according to new analysis in the Journal of Research on Drugs and alcohol. The scholarly study, of 234 male sports athletes at one university, discovered that those that used performance enhancers – – which range from steroids to stimulants to weight-loss supplements – – were much more likely to admit to large drinking and using medications like marijuana and cocaine /reviews.html .

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‘Atacama Lab’s Pneumatic Dry out Granulation or PDG Technology is innovative in the feeling that it provides significant advantages when it comes to API treatability, development swiftness and costs over today’s dried out and wet granulation procedures ‘ Dr. Michael Tschope , General Supervisor Pharma, Excella GmbH.. Atacama Excella and Labs partner to market PDG Granule and Tablet Production Services – A Finnish Business ATACAMA LABS OY and a German Structured EXCELLA GmbH Possess Signed a Agreement Manufacturing Contract to Jointly Marketplace and Sell PDG Granule and Tablet Production Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Market – Excella / Atacama Labs Give for the Pharmaceutical Market Atacama Labs Oy is rolling out an innovative oral medication delivery technology ‘). The technology is normally aimed to displace existing solid dosage type development and manufacturing strategies and can help both NCE galenic designers and life routine managers to overcome advancement or differentiation problems.