In an accompanying editorial, Harvey Jay Cohen, MD, director of the guts for the analysis of Maturing and Human Advancement at Duke University Medical Center said the study ‘enhances our broader understanding of the problems surrounding functional status evaluation and cancer outcomes.”.. Breast cancers survivors with functional limitations much more likely to die of poorer health: Study Basic physical limitations subsequent breast cancer treatment can have far-reaching consequences that substantially affect how long a patient lives.The prosthetic was produced using 3D printing technology, based on the Augusta Chronicle, the newspaper that 1st reported the story. Liam’s prosthetic may be the brainchild of John Peterson, who lately obtained a 3D printer and was looking around the net for nifty tasks he could perform with it to occupy his period. Peterson occurred upon e-NABLE, an network of 3D-printing geeks who volunteer their technology – – and time – – to create prosthetics for folks in need, kids especially. Volunteers from the business use professional designers and engineers, and open-source schematics free of charge to anyone who would like them.