Can-Fite entered the development of CF101 because of this indication after learning that, throughout a Phase 2a arthritis rheumatoid trial, several patients reported a significant improvement in their Dry Vision Symptoms pursuing treatment with CF101 as a monotherapy.. Can-Fite BioPharma opens IND with US-FDA for CF101 Phase 3 research in Dry Eye Syndrome Can-Fite BioPharma Ltd , a biotechnology firm traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, announced today that it provides opened an Investigational New Drug application with the US-FDA for a Stage 3 research of its lead drug, CF101, in patients with moderate to severe Dry Eye Syndrome. Within an earlier Phase 2 study, where CF101 taken orally as a monotherapy for 12 weeks, a statistically significant advantage in the clearing of fluorescein staining in the nasal, temporal, pupillary and inferior elements of the cornea was documented.After all, who’s going to be sure it is not a common nasal spray in the dispenser?

Cancer on the rise as developing nations eat American foods and use American products globally Cancer rates are increasing worldwide but especially in economically developing countries, according to a written report released by the American Cancer Society honoring World Cancer Day and posted in CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians. Based on the report, an estimated 12.6 million new cases of cancer had been diagnosed in 2008, and 7.6 million people passed away from cancer. The majority of those full cases – 7.1 million and 4.8 million, – occurred in economically developing countries respectively. The spread of an ‘affluence’ disease such as cancers to poorer countries can be attributed to the increasing adoption of harmful behaviors such as for example smoking, sedentism and poor diet plan.