‘Nurses have an integral role to play in addressing the fears and lack of knowledge that ladies have when it comes to screening for breast and cervical malignancy’ concludes Dr Ackerson. ‘They need to help ladies understand both the risks and great things about screening in order to make informed options about whether they desire to be tested.’ Full bibliographic information A decision theory perspective on why women do or usually do not decide to have cancers screening: systematic review.In forming their special partnership, ARIAD and Clontech right now make these systems broadly open to all experts for in vitro and in vivo use in the study market.

Cannabinoids might be a target for new strategies in cancer treatment Cannabis-like substances that are produced by your body have both dangerous and therapeutic properties, besides their well-known intoxicating effects, and the body’s cannabinoid system could be a target for new strategies in cancer treatment. Abuse of cannabis and preparations comprising synthetic cannabis-like substances is on the rise all over Europe. At the same time, cannabis-based drugs have been approved for certain medical reasons, and in Sweden a substance was accepted for symptom relief in multiple sclerosis just last week.