Officials say between 840,000 and one million people in China possess HIV. Xinhua said official figures showed 11,844 individuals were verified HIV positive in Henan province and 5,499 had contracted Helps; and one county, Shangcai, is home to 700 AIDS orphans.. China techniques up fight AIDS China will increase medical aid and offer free education to hundreds of kids orphaned by Supports a central province ravaged by the deadly disease. Henan provincial authorities departments had issued a notice strengthening the relief function and aid for 2,012 orphans and elderly left alone after losing family members to AIDS.‘Furthermore, ZymoGenetics brings proven features with therapeutic proteins and revenue from a marketed specialty medical biologic. This acquisition is certainly another exemplory case of our strategic, targeted approach to business advancement.’ ‘By signing up for forces with Bristol-Myers Squibb, we believe we will improve the long-term potential of ZymoGenetics’ portfolio of assets, while offering a compelling valuation for our shareholders,’ stated Douglas E. Williams, Ph.D., ceo of ZymoGenetics. ‘Our collaboration with Bristol-Myers Squibb in the development of PEG-Interferon lambda provides been incredibly positive and it offers given us an opportunity to fully appreciate their capabilities. We believe that this purchase will maximize the prospect of our products and item candidates to make a meaningful difference for individuals in want.’ Bristol-Myers Squibb benefits the following as a result of the acquisition: Full possession of pegylated-interferon lambda, a novel interferon in Phase IIb advancement for the treatment of Hepatitis C infections, which, if accepted, could be a significant contributor to Bristol-Myers Squibb’s future growth.