Gayla Crouse

I’m baaaack! And am I ever having a great time on 99.7 Lite FM. If we haven’t met, let me share a bit of my background. I’ve been a proud Wichitan for almost 40 years, but I was born and READ MORE

BPA exposure predisposes kids to kidney damage.

Kids have got traces of BPA within their urine by age group six already. Removing it from aluminium cans is probably among the best ways we are able to limit publicity, Trasande stated. There are alternatives that manufacturers may use READ MORE

Chronic kidney disease on the rise.

That is, if we think it is early. However, less than 40 percent of Texas Medicare beneficiaries with diabetes received this screening in 2007, regarding to promises data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Providers2. Collazo proceeds. People who READ MORE

Best HOME CURES For Psoriasis.

The thick psoriasis scales will be removed without the damage. The take action of regular soaking will become useful for your skin. It will help to lessen itching and inflammation of lesions. It is vital to keep the drinking water READ MORE

Another cruise ship.

The consequences of norovirus – – which include nausea, stomach pains, diarrhea and vomiting – – typically last between 24 [and] 72 hours. As for the ship itself, it isn’t the 1st time an outbreak provides been experienced because of READ MORE

Back again and shoulders.

Sweating really helps to eliminate acne: People believe this misconception therefore much that each goes for popular bath, steam procedure or join gymnasium. Temperature and humidity isn’t suitable for acne so that it is better to keep the body cool. READ MORE